Top twenty mythbusters about Family Law

Top twenty mythbusters about Family Law

In very general terms here are a few misconceptions about the way that Family Law works which are based on my experiences of over seventeen years.

  1. The law is not an ass. It is a very complex set of rules which might not suit you and might seem odd, but the law is the law.
  2. How the law is interpreted and used by Judges is not anti-men, and it is not stuck up posh people looking down their noses at the rest of us.
  3. Representing yourself is not better than having legal representation. You might think you know the law better than someone with a law degree that works every day in courts, but you risk ending up with the view that number one above is true.
  4. A Divorce is the process of terminating your marriage. It is not the same as a financial application which is a totally separate process.
  5. If you walk away from your toddler expecting them to come and find you for a euphoric reunion when they are 16, why would they, they don’t even know you other than you were the person that turned your back on them when they needed you.
  6. Child maintenance is not related to whether you see your child or not. It is law and must be paid.
  7. A Judge will not disregard everything you say, unless you have got yourself in such a mess because of number three above that nothing you say is even relevant.
  8. Continually repeating (or denying) something does not make it true.
  9. Just because you think something, does not make it true.
  10. Writing a diary and using the diary as your evidence does not make it true.
  11. Unless you are a psychologist or a psychiatrist, claiming that your ex is a paranoid Schizophrenic will butter no parsnips.
  12. Raising your voice to make a point does not make it true.
  13. Transferring your money to a friend or relative does not mean it won’t be used by the court when dividing money.
  14. Just because you were not married does not mean you cannot claim against their property when you separate.
  15. Hiring a hit man to deal with your ex is not a clever idea.
  16. Running away with your children and disappearing does not work, you will be found, usually within a week or so.
  17. Disappearing abroad with your children and not telling their mother/father does not mean that you will be left alone. It is a criminal offence and you will be brought back to face justice.
  18. Just because the Police did not take you to court for an offence does not mean that the family Court will not find you guilty.
  19. If you have been a victim of domestic violence and not reported it, it does not mean it did not happen or that the court will not believe you.
  20. If you take drugs, smoke weed, are an alcoholic or are homeless, it does not mean that you cannot see your children.

And one more for luck….

  1. If you have a court order which is not being followed, you can get it dealt with.

All these are more are explained in the Family Law training days that I am holding throughout the Autumn.  It is not too late to book your place on the course or use them to train to help other people in court.

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