Simon Walland F.Inst.Pa, Lawyer, McKenzie Friend

“Qualified, experienced, friendly and trusted legal advice when you need it most.”

When there’s nothing more important to you than seeing your children, obtaining a fair division of your matrimonial assets, protecting yourself from a violent and abusive partner, or finding justice in a seemingly unfair system, you need someone on your side who you can trust.

When everything’s at stake, you can’t afford NOT to take our qualified, experienced, friendly and trusted legal advice.

Are you having trouble seeing your children?

Simon can help you to make the correct application to court so that you can obtain an order setting out dates and times when you can see your children.

Do you need help preparing for a court hearing?

Preparation is the key to success. Don’t leave it to chance. Don’t go to court unprepared. Contact Simon today.

Have you had a court hearing that went badly for you?

Simon can advise you, and then help you through the best strategy to take back control and deal with the problems you are facing. So instead of just worrying, get in touch right away.

Do you need a divorce?

Simon can assist you with making your application and removing the stress and anxiety from you.

Do you need legal advice?

Simon has extensive experience and is a qualified lawyer. If you need sound legal advice, why trust anyone else?

Do you need to provide a Position Statement?

A Position Statement is often the key to making sure your situation is explained clearly, properly and convincingly. Do not underestimate the power of a properly prepared statement. Just ask and Simon will help you.

Do you need to write a Witness Statement?

There is far more to a Witness Statement that just words. It’s an essential document for the court and one you will need to rely on for its accuracy, truth and contents. Get it wrong and you will find it difficult to succeed in a contested hearing. Don’t take the risk. Get in touch with Simon today.

Do you want to appeal a court hearing?

If your hearing has gone wrong, and you feel that the court did not treat you fairly, Simon can assess your case and help you appeal if appropriate.

Are you not being heard in court?

Have you attended court and felt that your voice has been ignored? Don’t wait a minute longer. Simon has the experience to help you get your voice heard and for your views to be listened to.

Do you need to divide finances following divorce?

Sharing the matrimonial finances fairly is never easy, but Simon can assist you to get what is rightly yours. Take this important first step and contact him today.

Are you the victim of domestic violence?

Is your violent partner refusing to leave the house? Do you feel unsafe? Simon can assist you to try to have them removed by the court. Act now.

Is your current contact order being broken?

Don’t delay! Simon can assist you to enforce your order, or have it modified to remove the issues that are causing you problems.Worried about child abduction?

Simon can assist you in preventing your children from being removed from the country. A five minute call with Simon now could give you years of peace of mind.

Would you like to become a McKenzie Friend?

Simon provides a comprehensive McKenzie Friend training programme for which runs twice a year over three separate training days. Do yourself a favour and find out more today!

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