About Simon Walland

Helping you represent yourself in court with confidence

I first attended the Family Court in Medway, Kent, when my ex-wife offered me just one hour each month to see my two children. I wasn’t willing to accept that, so I fought to gain more access and after several hearings was able to establish time with my children on alternate weekends and half of all holidays.

This experience not only gave me more access to my sons, but also sparked an interest in Family Law. I decided to train as a McKenzie Friend and attended court with other fathers who were struggling to see their children. I also later became the chairman for a charity for mothers, who found themselves in a similar position.

My interest in law led me to attending a local college and obtaining entry level qualifications in Family Law, which I supplemented with a distance learning course to obtain degree level qualifications. Following this my experience of seeing one father make a complete disaster of managing his own case inspired me to become qualified so I could help others who were struggling with representing themselves in court.

I undertook and passed my law degree, followed by the Bar Vocational Course, and was called to the Bar in 2010 as a qualified Barrister. It was a very proud moment for me and I knew I could now effectively support other people representing themselves in court without the help of a solicitor.

When Legal Aid was withdrawn in most cases in 2013, the amount of people representing themselves in court increased dramatically. So I started to run training courses to show people how to represent themselves, and/or to become Mckenzie Friends and support others in court.

The courses became very popular quickly, and still are to this day. I’ve taught at the Welsh Assembly, for various charities and groups, and to final year law students at a University.

I’m proud to have very extensive portfolio of cases and to have appeared in all levels of courts, including the Court of Appeal and Child Maintenance Tribunals. I’ve successfully overturned orders for mothers who’ve had their children removed, as well as for a variety of children and financial cases.

So if you’re looking for help or advice from someone who knows the court system well, and who can guide you properly (and with care), then just pop me a message or book an initial consultation.

I’ve walked in your shoes and known the anxiety and feelings of injustice you might now be feeling. But I also know you CAN do this, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.