Attending your first children hearing
What happens at the first hearing and how should you prepare for it.  Full details and explanations provided so that you will arrive in court confident and ready for what will take place.
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Challenge your Section 7 Report
CAFCASS make mistakes the same as everybody else, but when that mistake affects your time with your children it is not acceptable.  Understand how to challenge the recommendation made to the court in your report and see examples of challenges that will work.
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Complete a C100 application in children proceedings

All applications for children require this form to be completed.  This guide explains the various options you need to consider when applying to the courts

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Guide to writing a witness Statement
Learn what to write, and how to write a statement for your family law hearing.  Use the example as a guide and follow the full description and explanation to see how a properly prepared statement will help you in court.
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Guide to your Safeguarding Interview
Having made your application this is your first point of contact with CAFCASS who will arrange a telephone interview with you to discuss your application.  Understand what they are looking for and see how to adapt your approach to get the best outcome.
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Should I go to court?
When you separate and try making an agreement about seeing the children, and things are not looking as good as you hoped, you always have the fall back position of making a court application.  But it isnt that simple.  Learn about the pro's and con's before you lose patience and make an application
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Writing a Position Statement
One of the most important aspects of attending the Family Courts is a Position Statement.  Learn and follow the example to write the correct type of document to steer the hearing in your direction.  Take control of the process.
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