Are you in receipt of child maintenance?

Do you think that your ex is hiding money?

Is your exes declared income less than it used to be?

Does your ex run a Limited Company?

Are you not getting a fair deal?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you may be entitled to more child maintenance support.

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It is very common for arguments over money to follow a separation, but the law is very clear and any parent that lives apart from their children has to pay a certain percentage of their income to the parent who the children live with.

Simon Walland Family Law has dealt with lots of cases where a parent has undervalued their income or used a limited company to divert money away from themselves, so the figure that the CMEC use to calculate their payments is not a true account of their income.

If you can prove that your ex-partner has a higher income than what they have declared to CMEC then they will be instructed to pay you a higher amount and this will also be backdated to the point that the process is started.

Simon Walland Family Law can help you to appeal any decision made by CMEC and get the money your children deserve.

How we help

Option 1

Advise and guide you to use the correct procedure to make an appeal against the assessment provided and to assist you with your case preparation by email and telephone.

Option 2

Guide you through the process and attend your hearing and represent you in that hearing.

Option 3

Provide access to an online guide which will show you how to make an appeal and prepare the paperwork yourself.

How to make a claim

Complete the survey so that we can assess your opportunities to make an appeal

We will then send you a proposal which will include the different ways in which we can help you, either by guiding you to represent yourself, representing you, or our online course.  Costs range from £250 – £1000 depending on which course of action you decide to take.


Words From Clients

*It is not possible to guarantee the success or otherwise of your case, and the ultimate decision by the tribunal will depend on whether money is being withheld and whether you have been able to demonstrate that it has.