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Every month, 18,000 nervous and apprehensive people attend the Family Courts alone and unrepresented. According to the government, only a small minority are able to represent themselves properly.

The majority of people represent themselves due to the high cost of engaging a Solicitor, or they feel that they can make a better job of it that any professional. Realistically, whilst the cost issue is a massive concern, believing that you will be better than a professional Lawyer is missing the point, unless you fully understand the process that the court follow, and how to manage your case effectively.

Tackling the issue of cost, Simon’s online Training Academy offers low cost but invaluable assistance. Most courses cost just £80, which is less that one third of one hour with a typical Solicitor.

Simon has been providing assistance to a wide range of people since 2002 and has a Law Degree and was Called to the Bar in 2010. As a Barrister he is not only knowledgeable about the law, but he has a long history of assisting people just like you to resolve their difficult situations.
The benefit and experience that Simon possess is available on the Training Academy via online courses which deal with all of the issues that you will face in going to court. This is backed up by being able to ask questions about your situation to Simon who will assist to point you in the right direction and even get involved and help if required.

Once educated and confident with all of the necessary information regarding Family Law, you will be fully equipped to use this knowledge to deal with your own case and achieve results that are right for you.

Many people that Simon has helped become enthusiastic about becoming a Mckenzie Friend to help others. The Training Academy contains courses to teach you how to help others and he an effective McKenzie Friend

Whether you’re looking to learn one skill or many, help yourself or others – the academy is the perfect convenience. Join the online community today!

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Courses will be run throughout the year check the following link for the latest timetable Book Now

Further courses

There are a wide range of additional Family Law Courses available. generally lasting four hours each and costing £80. The cover everything from Enforcing Orders, Obtaining a Divorce to dealing with High Conflict Situations and writing Position Statement. Follow this link below for further details and dates Book Now