Family Law Training Courses

Learn how to represent yourself in court

Be prepared. Be ready. Be confident.

Simon Walland has been running Family Law Training Courses in London and Manchester since 2003 to support people in Family Law. They have included tailor-made courses for charities, the government and universities.

They began as courses to assist people in their journey to becoming a McKenzie Friend and have more recently expanded to assist anybody to represent themselves in their own hearings.

These courses are now online

Specific courses are being held monthly to address the most common applications and documents required in court. You will learn how to prepare and present your case effectively.

Simon also holds a FREE short informative lecture each month on a family Law topic.

The courses are available to anyone to join.

The courses are presented live by Simon Walland online using Microsoft Teams. Participants will be given joining instructions once they sign up.

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Who should attend?

These courses are suitable for anybody with an interest in Family Law or has a specific need that they will be involved in.

Why attend the course?

You will learn what is expected of you in court and you will be able to approach each hearing with confidence. You will understand the process and each necessary step, and you will be prepared and on top of your case. You will be provided with sample documents and Simon will explain every step that needs to be taken and how different choices you make can affect the way the court will deal with your case.

How much does it cost?

The short monthly lectures are FREE and will explain the topic in a general way and will be followed by a question and answer session.

The courses will be 3 or 4 hours and will cover each topic in depth. They cost £80 per course. Each section will have a question and answer session and you will be provided with sample documents and forms where relevant.

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