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Be prepared. Be ready. Be confident.

Simon Walland found himself in 2001 separated from his ex-wife who would only allow him one hour a month to see his two children. He made a court application which was ultimately successful and he established a very good loving relationship with both boys which endures to this day. During the court process he learned a lot about the court processes and how to handle hearings, and started his career as a McKenzie Friend. This was supplemented with a Law Degree and being Called to the Bar as a Barrister in 2010.

Over 18,000 people appear in court hearings every month and do represent themselves, but unfortunately most do not understand the system or know how to present their case.

Simon encourages those people to represent themselves where they are able to. He provides training courses on a wide variety of family Law topics and provides ‘backroom support’ to prepare applications and statements.

Most people that represent themselves have little choice in the matter as Solicitors costs are often prohibitive. Take our Survey to see whether you would be able to represent yourself effectively and to learn about other options available to you.

These courses are now online

Simon holds a free lecture each month to inform people about Family Law and also hold a course each month. These lectures and courses are recorded and are available on his Teaching Academy

The courses are presented live by Simon Walland online using Microsoft Teams. Participants will be given joining instructions once they sign up.

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Who should attend?

These lectures and courses are suitable for anybody with an interest in Family Law or has a specific need that they will be involved in.

Why attend the course?

You will learn what is expected of you in court and you will be able to approach each hearing with confidence. You will understand the process and each necessary step, and you will be prepared and on top of your case. You will be provided with sample documents and Simon will explain every step that needs to be taken and how different choices you make can affect the way the court will deal with your case.

How much does it cost?

The short monthly lectures are FREE and will explain the topic in a general way and will be followed by a question and answer session.

The courses will be approximately 2 hours and will cover each topic in depth. They cost £120 per course. You will have access to a membership group to ask questions about the course topic and any other family law area. You will be provided with sample documents and Simon will be available for further questions by email and telephone.

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