Represent Yourself in Financial Hearings

Short Course

Divorce can be stressful.  Worrying about what will happen to your finances after divorce can make it even harder.  If you and your ex-partner cannot agree, going to court will help finalise any joint liabilities and help you transition to separate individuals in charge of your own finances.  This can be a worrying time if you’re not sure how to prepare for representing yourself in court.  That’s where this course will really help.  After you’ve taken the course, you’ll feel prepared and more confident about the whole process.  

Preparing Your Financial Remedy Case  

To represent yourself effectively in court and increase the chances of getting the outcome you want, you’ll need to present your case properly and familiarise yourself with what happens during financial hearings.  The course will explain the various documents involved and how to prepare them.  You’ll see examples of different documents and we’ll go through them in detail.   

Learn to Represent Yourself from an Expert  

I’ve been where you are now, so I know how it feels – you can read more about my story here.  Now, I’ve used my knowledge and expertise from supporting people in the Family Courts for 18 years to create these comprehensive short training courses.  If you need extra support, I’m always available to help.  Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel walking into that courtroom with all this knowledge behind you.  If you prepare and do things properly, you can represent yourself without damaging your case and feel empowered by rising to the challenge.



What You’ll Learn on the Course  


  • What can affect the outcome of a financial remedy case 
  • Alternative options at your disposal 
  • The different application forms involved 
  • The Financial Hearing process and what happens on the day 
  • Preparing for your First Hearing and the specific paperwork involved 
  • What a Statement of Issues is and how it can affect your case 
  • How to raise concerns about the information your ex-spouse is disclosing 
  • Preparing a Note for the hearing 
  • The aftermath of the hearing and what you need to consider and do 
  • Preparing for Second and Third Hearings and what they entail 
  • Section 25 Statements and Schedule One applications: what they are and what you need to do 
  • TOLATA 7&8 and property ownership



People I’ve helped take back control say:

Represent Yourself in Financial Hearings Simon Walland Family Law

Simon’s calm and simple method of conveying complex and potentially emotive topics really helped me.


Easy to follow, very informative, reassuring. Excellent course.”


“Once I had completed the lessons I felt prepared and confident.”

Represent Yourself in Financial Hearings Simon Walland Family Law







  • £120 one-off payment
  • 2 hour online course
  • Start whenever you’re ready
  • Telephone support throughout
  • Access to a private, supportive Facebook group of fellow students
  • Sample documents to download
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can dip in and out whenever you like


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I’m sure after that you’ll feel ready to dive into the course and feel confident that you’re as prepared as you can be for representing yourself in court.