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In order to coach you through your Hearing, whether children, finances, Fact Finding, Final or Divorce, I have broken the process down into stages. The aim of coaching is for you to follow the process step by step and to learn what is required at each stage so not only will you provide the court with the right information, you will also understand why it is important.

Each stage begins with a telephone discussion with me. I will explain the stage, explain what the court is looking for and what you need to do to meet their requirements. You then gather the information, take the steps required or check your position, and send it to me. I will check what you have sent to me and then when it is correct we will move on to the next stage. If what you send to me is not right I will either finish it off myself or explain what is wrong so that you can change it.

Your instruction from me will be a combination of discussion, paper guides and online video explanations. The end of the stage will not only have you in the position of being ready to move onto the next stage, but also I will briefly explain what the next stage will cover.

You are under no obligation to continue through every stage as some cases settle early, some go the full distance, some stages you may feel you can deal with, it is entirely your choice to use my coaching as much or as little as you require.