Challenge a Section 7 Report

Challenge a Section 7 Report Simon Walland Family Law

When you receive your Section 7 Report from CAFCASS, the first thing to read is the recommendation at the end of it.  That will tell you what they feel is the best outcome for the children and generally the court will follow the recommendation, unless you can show the court that it is wrong.  It is not for the court to challenge the report, although once you point out errors they will often join you with your criticism of the report.

Having seen the recommendation you should then carefuly read the contents.  The route taken and the recomendation made nmust follow a logical path that makes sense.  If a date is incorrect it is unlikely to change the outcome, but if they have, as is often the case, repeated your exes allegations against you as if they are factual, jumped to conclusions that do not make sense or ignored important information you need to challenge the report.  If you fail to challenge it, and challenge ir properly the court willusually simply follow it as they do not know the full facts and only have the report to work with.  They will not know it is wrong unless you can show them that it is.

Standing up and making a successful challenge is part of the process, it isnt going to harm you, or make things worse, and if done properly will help you enormously and show the Judge the real situation that he is dealing with and he will make an order which makes more sense.

Making a complaint againt CAFCASS is either pointless, or not the right approach.  You need the Judge to see the mistakes, you need the judge to doubt the recommendation and you need the Judge to hear your complain in court where something can be done about it. 


Use this step-by-step guide and read the expert tips and techniques to ensure that you follow the correct route to challenge your Section 7 Report


Learn through our video guide how to challenge your Section 7 Report


Use our knowledge and expereince to make the right challenge to your Section 7 Report, from start to finish

Challenge a Section 7 Report Simon Walland Family Law

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