Mckenzie Friend Foundation Course

Mckenzie Friend Foundation Course Simon Walland Family Law

Adapt and Grow Your Skillset – Become a McKenzie Friend

Are you passionate about helping others? Could you see yourself supporting clients navigating the complexities of the UK Family Court?  If so, the Simon Walland Foundation McKenzie Friend Course could be the perfect ticket to a unique and rewarding new role.

This comprehensive course will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to assist unrepresented litigants preparing for Family Court. Learn the fundamentals and lay a solid foundation upon which to build a successful career as a McKenzie Friend.


The Foundation McKenzie Friend Course covers all the essentials to get you started including:

·         understanding of the role and limitations of a McKenzie friend

·         ethical and professional standards

·         knowledge of the different levels of courts and judges

·         guidance on courtroom etiquette

·         ways to approach CAFCASS

·         preparation of key documents

·         stages and progression of cases in Family Court

·         essential statute and case law


Choose Your Specialisation

Once you have completed the core skills and knowledge training, you will be ready to choose one of two pathways, Children Cases or Financial Cases. Focusing on your chosen specialism, you will acquire further in-depth knowledge of the specific procedures and regulations governing this area of Family Court legal practice.


Hands-on Learning and Expert Guidance

The course comprises a series of engaging online modules, complemented by a dedicated full-day workshop in central London led by Simon Walland himself. This mixed online/face-to-face course structure has been implemented to ensure you have the flexibility to study according to your time and resources, but also receive the support and guidance you need as you progress on the course.


Early Career Ongoing Support and Guidance

Upon successfully completing the Foundation McKenzie Friend Course, you will be equipped to support unrepresented litigants in the Family Court, but can feel reassured that you will also benefit from continued support and guidance should you need it as you begin your work as a McKenzie friend.


Unlock a World of Opportunities

Training to be a McKenzie friend is an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the lives of people under the immense stress representing themselves in Family Court. Additionally, it also presents an unrivalled way to experience family law in action, learn how it works in real life, and help shape future career decisions. For those considering a future application to secure a place on one of the many highly competitive training courses in the fields of social work and law, this experience is an invaluable advantage.


Upgrade Your Skills and Advance Your Career

Learners who complete the Foundation McKenzie Friend Course can also do further top up modules to complete the full Masterclass Course. By studying extension modules, you will further extend your ability to handle a wider range of family law cases with confidence.


Ready to Write the Next Chapter?

If you are ready to reap the rewards of seeing your support and knowledge make a difference to people’s lives; and are committed to getting the best possible training and education, we are ready to support you. Enrol on the Foundation McKenzie Friend Course today and get your journey to personal and professional fulfilment off to a flying start. 

Mckenzie Friend Foundation Course Simon Walland Family Law

Simon Walland

I am Simon Walland and I am offering these services to show and explain how you can represent yourself in the family courts with confidence. Understand the procedure and what is expected of you to get the solution you are seeking I have been a McKenzie Friend since 2003 and have been in thousands of hearings at all levels of court. I have a Law Degree and was Called to the Bar as a Barrister in 2010. My experience includes teaching Law Students, McKenzie Friends and anybody representing themselves in the Courts since 2012. I have also provided specialist training courses to Domestic Abuse charities, Universities and various Support Groups and have been able to help several thousand people in that time.

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