Prepare for your second financial hearing FDR

Prepare for your second financial hearing FDR Simon Walland Family Law

The second hearing, the FDR, works on the basis that the Judge by this point is aware more or less how much money was accumulated in the marriage and they will then consider how it should be shared.  

The hearing usually takes most of the day.  The time with the Judge will be about an hour during which time they will explain how the day works, and what they beleive is a fair distribution of the assets.  They will talk about housing, employment, pensions and saving and give their view as to how they should be separated from you both.

The Judge will explain that you both have the right to attend a final hearing but it is very likely that a Judge will divide the assets in the way that is explained to you.  Therefore it makes sense to try to work with your ex to reach a compromise.  They will say, for example, that a firs pecentage of the money is X to him and Y to her and you have the opportunity to discuss it and reach an agreement.  It is helpful to have a Mckenzie Friend with you or a Solicitor so that they can do that discussion for you to save things erupting into a row.  Sometimes the Judge will asist with that discussion.

There are reasons why you may want to proced to a final hearing as that gives an opportunity to cross examine each other to get to the bottom of each others disclosure and show why the Judge at this hearing was wrong.

The majority of people feel that their ex will not agree anything at this hearing, but in my experience the majority of them do. 


Download our fact sheet to see how the system works and see where you may need help.  Each part of the process is available as a seprate supported package or as a whole service.  If you purchase the managed package on this page you will need need to purchase the individual packages to get you through the first hearing stage.


Master the First Financial Hearing (FDR) and gain clarity with my video guide, which explains the documents required and how they work.  Download samples of each document with associated guidelines and a template for each.  Also learn many other tips and help along the way. Get a deeper knowledge with my 60-minute video guide.


A comprehensive support package to help you avoid the common mistakes when going through all of the documents required for the Second Financial Hearing.  Includes your ES1, and ES2, updating disclosure, property details, a Statement for the hearing as well as advice and support to get you to the second hearing and fully prepared. 

Prepare for your second financial hearing FDR Simon Walland Family Law

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